Validating Your Technology in the Real World

Working with Philips, we conducted a retrospective analysis of 3,335 elderly patients with multiple chronic conditions treated at Partners HealthCare and who were using the Philips Lifeline Personal Emergency Response Service (PERS), a call button device that directly connects patient with a call-center response agent.  The goal was to evaluate hospital utilization and readmission rates, analyze healthcare expenditures and validate the Philips CareSage algorithm, a data analytics engine that leverages the Philips Lifeline medical alert data, to predict Emergency Room transports. The study uncovered opportunities for cost savings with improved outcomes, and we are currently conducting a prospective study using Philips CareSage and Partners HealthCare intervention protocols to reduce avoidable admissions as defined by CMS.

“While many healthcare organizations target interventions for their most-expensive and highest-risk patients, the five year retrospective study and analysis, conducted with Partners Connected Health, unveiled a potential cost savings opportunity by proactively managing patients that are lower-cost today, but at risk of moving up the cost & acuity pyramid.  Partners Connected Health helped us validate that CareSage data analytics that incorporate home device data with EHR data can help clinicians engage patients before they reach an institutional setting, e.g. in the home or community environment, and beyond the typical 30-60 day telehealth service.  We choose to work with Partners due to the national reputation and experience in managing risk in their ACO and population health programs.”
— Ripley Martin, General Manager, Philips Home Monitoring