Paula McCree, MS Program Director, R&D

As Program Director, Research & Development, Paula leads operations for the research, technology development, and business development activities of the Innovation Team. As part of the senior management team, she is also responsible for building and maintaining relationships with corporate sponsors, granting agencies, and other stakeholders within Partners HealthCare to advance the mission of Connected Health Innovation. She brings 30 years of experience in product and program development in health care, clinical research, and software development.

After working in various roles in the health care industry, Paula worked as a business analyst / program and project manager for a start-up organization that specialized in developing software tools to support patient data collection for disease management programs. This provided the basis for her transition into clinical research and subsequent research management roles in the pharmaceutical industry, academic, and hospital settings. Throughout her career, she has had extensive experience working as a liaison between technical, clinical, and operational functions to facilitate the development and implementation of technology solutions to achieve operational efficiencies and improve patient outcomes.

Developing new ways to bring information to individuals that will empower them to be an active part of the process of taking better care of themselves and improving the quality of their lives has always been a driving force behind her professional career development.

Paula holds a BS in Biological Anthropology from Harvard and an MS in Nutrition from Tufts.

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Paula McCree, MS
Program Director, R&D, Connected Health Innovation,
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