Innovation: Revolutionary, Not Evolutionary

Change is often created by a small number of people that are constantly challenging with the status quo. Our team represents that ‘squeaky wheel,’ constantly challenging the status quo, asking questions to help arrive at the most efficient way to solve a problem.


We value transparency, collaboration and simplicity. Our work is grounded in deep empathy for the end-user – our patients, in most cases. We enable our end users drive the design, development and monetization of all our products.

One half of our team focuses on designing and developing products for our patients. At any given day, you will find us observing workflows at the hospital or patients’ homes, interviewing stakeholders or engaging them in prototyping solutions. Some focus on coding and testing these solutions, while others engage with Partners IS teams to integrate our products into the medical record.

Others on our team validate these solutions, and analyze their impact, either through rigorous clinical trials or using these products in unstructured pilot settings. We enroll and engage patients in these studies and pilots, and seek insights and patterns in the data we collect. We are increasingly using this data to create predictive models and machine learning algorithms to make our products more intelligent.