How it Works

Providers can easily access Patient Generated Health Data Connect (PGHD Connect) via their patient’s chart in Partners eCare. The invitation process begins in the electronic health record and is complete after only 3 steps. After opening a patient encounter, the provider first navigates to the Connected Health application located under More. Next the provider is prompted to select from up to four data services: blood pressure, weight, activity and blood glucose monitoring. This opens the Pathway for data to be received from the patient. From there, the provider gives an invitation with instructions to the patient for them to share their personal health data using the PGHD Connect mobile app. Once the patient has registered their device(s) and opted into PGHD Connect, their personal health data will be viewable in Partners eCare.

Patients who have a personal smartphone or tablet with access to the iPhone App Store or Android Google Play, and whose providers use PGHD Connect can upload data from any PGHD Connect compatible device by agreeing to send their data.

Patients who are invited to share their data must agree to Terms and Conditions and register their device(s). Patients can only send data for the service(s) requested by their provider. Patients and providers can choose to stop data sharing at any time.

To learn more about Patient Generated Health Data Connect (PGHD Connect), please contact us via email at or via phone at 1-866-747-7479.