Test Bed for Innovation

We are a test bed for new product developmentā€¦ with a twist. Imbedded in one of the world’s most respected healthcare provider organizations, we offer unprecedented access to real-world clinicians and patients.

Our work is grounded in clinical expertise, tech innovation and over 20 years of connected health know-how. From concept to validation and implementation, our research involves patients and providers in a variety of settings, to help us learn about engagement, behavior change and the strategies most successful in supporting healthier lifestyle choices. And then we turn that learning into practical, actionable and valuable knowledge to guide your product development.

Our Process for Innovation

Collaborators have access to our multi-disciplinary team and full range of capabilities:

User-Centered Design formative research with patients, caregivers and providers envisions customer-driven solutions

Software Development full-stack developers, data architects, UI/UX specialists and product owners create engaging, intuitive software that incorporates input from stakeholders

Clinical Research and Pilot Studies from feasibility studies to randomized trials and validation studies for U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) submission, clinical research is conducted with Partners HealthCare providers and patients

Data Science and Analytics data mining, machine learning and predictive modeling generates novel, value-added insights and algorithms to customize and personalize connected health programs


Collaborating to Advance Connected Health

We partner with healthcare providers, industry leaders from pharma and life sciences companies, consumer goods and electronics giants, health tech entrepreneurs and forward-looking organizations interested in harnessing connected health and the Internet of Healthy Things:

  • Designing and co-developing connected health solutions
  • Advising on key technology and development decisions
  • Piloting connected health programs in real-world practice
  • Conducting clinical studies and research to demonstrate outcomes
  • Implementing connected health programs in Partners HealthCare-affiliated hospitals, primary care clinics and physician groups

Contact Us

External Companies:
Kamal Jethwani, MD MPH
Senior Director,
Connected Health Innovation,
Partners HealthCare

Tel: 617.724.2724
Email: kjethwani@partners.org

Internal Partners Providers:
Kelly Santomas, MS, RN
Senior Director,
Connected Health Solutions,
Partners HealthCare

Email: ksantomas@partners.org